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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Walls at Ikea Smalland. Barn or Bacon?

It's supposed to look like a cute barn in the country. Maybe I'm just hungry, but I see bacon.

   I love the Ikea playzone (Samlland) and I have fond memories of going when I was a kid. Oh, the ball pit. Good times.
 The real key is to get to Ikea early and never on a Sunday. Get in as they open the doors and you'll be rewarded with a $.99 breakfast by the giant windows. Kid finishes before you? No problem. They have a nifty kid area where the little ones can watch Wall-E on repeat for hours.

   Top off your coffee and head downstairs for the 10-15 minute wait to get your child into Smalland. BE NICE to the people at the desk. They are the gate keepers. After stickers, stamps, bracelets & buzzers, your kid is in the playzone and you are free! For one hour. But that's plenty of time to hit all the sections better visited sans-child (like the Mirror section or the Odd Cactus section)

   After your hour flies by, you check out your child. There's still so many options. You could browse the upstairs staged areas, continue shopping the Marketplace, grab lunch in the restaurant, or grab a super cheap hot dog after check out. Then spend the next six hours assembling your new furniture!

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  1. Bacon, definitely bacon. Great now I have the Snausages commercial in my head.