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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Randomness

I'm sitting here, blogging on my lunch break. I somehow went accidental vegetarian today. Toast & an apple for breakfast. Chick'N patty & kale for lunch. Will have yogurt for mid day snack. Potato w/ fake bacon bits & more kale for pre-school snack. Maybe I have some meaty goodness in my fridge for my after-school pretend dinner snack.

I've tried the three square meals a day thing. It's soooo not for me. I have about 4 hours between breakfast and lunch. But then I have anywhere from 6-10 hours between lunch and dinner. After lunch I get hungry; really hungry. My blood sugar drops, and I go from sweet go getter to angry murderous dinosaur in no time.
That's supposed to be a butcher knife. Most people don't go on rampages with the number four.
So I usually have a small lunch and two lunch sized snacks before a small dinner. On school nights, I pretty much do nothing but snack. And I keep emergency anti-dinosaur food on hand, like apples, potatoes, granola bars, packs of instant oatmeal.

Some of my coworkers cautiously eye the random potato that usually sits on my desk. What they don't know is that lowly potato is sometimes the only thing in between them and the number four.

(Ok, that's a gross exaggeration. I really like all my coworkers, and my job, and would never think about hurting anyone with the number of the day. But I do get might cranky if I don't eat enough)


  1. Your a lean,mean lookin mutha,remind me not to cross you.:)

  2. I just got a cute 'tiffin'/bento box set & am working on packing more lunches. Have access to a regular fridge at work, so intend to keep basic salad greens in a glass container there (just got some at Ross :) & bring chopped veggies to add in one of the tiffin sections ...
    It is challenging when blood sugar drops! I make coconut milk kefir, & always have some before bed & when I get up - coconut helps regulate blood sugar overnight - & one doc suggested eating ~ 5 or 6 almonds - chewing thoroughly - when you hit one of those 'so hungry/low bloodsugar' points!