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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Like Old Kitchen Crap

 I've always had this thing for antiques & vintage items. Looking at all the wonderful things in my grandmother's house, the amazing matching set of avocado kitchen appliances and my other grandma's. The way cool, if not a bit scary, retro microwave my great grandmother had owned.

Look at the dials!
Chocolate would melt on top of this thing!

At one point, my grandmother had given my mom her old hand mixer, a GE M24 in white. We made countless birthday cakes, mashed potatoes, icings, with that thing. Sadly, one day my NXMIL (now ex mother in law) borrowed it, and tucked it in her suitcase on her way to New Mexico :-(

Since then, I tried no less than three other mixers. A generic Target mixer that couldn't mix anything thicker than water. A Sunbeam that could do most things, but not potatoes. And a Hamilton Beach that would get way hot if I used it for more than a few minutes.

I'd occasionally go to garage sales, cruise ebay & etsy, looking for my beloved GE mixer. Two weeks ago I had the urge to look on Etsy, just one more time. The stars must have aligned that morning; because on the first page was.....My 1974 M24 GE Mixer!!!! BRAND NEW IN BOX!!!

 Resisting the urge to type in all caps and with a million exclamation points (oops), I emailed the seller to see if she would guarantee there was no water damage and that the mixer would work. Then I paid and waited for my mixer.

It was like Christmas getting that package! I opened it before i even made it to the front door. And here she is in Harvest Gold!

I had to use it that night. Made a wonderful yellow cake! The box was still factory sealed and contained all it's original paperwork, including a warranty card. The card states that the mixer will be covered for one year after purchase or receipt as a gift. Since I *just* got it, wonder if the warranty still applies? :-)

Things are never made like they used to. Do you think any of your appliances will still be kicking around after 35+ years? And these things were made to be serviced & repaired; not just tossed in the bin so you have to buy a new one. Le sigh.

Look at the screws!
But I am happy. I have my mixer. One day, I might be able to give this mixer to my daughter. I'll tell her about all the birthday cakes it made; all the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, all the cookies. Hopefully she'll appreciate it.

Birthday cake made w/ the mixer!
As decorated by a soon to be 5 year old.


  1. Kitchen equipment you can dismantle and repair,whatever next.
    Nice looking cake,can I have a bit?

  2. @Grey Ghost. The box even came with a list of GE approved appliance repair shops! Crazy.

  3. I noticed there is a mint one of these still sealed in box on Ebay right now... oct. 21, 2010

  4. I've had the very same harvest gold mixer since 1974. While mixing up some batter for waffles this morning, it finally started to sputter and die. It worked great for 38 years. I'm a bit sad... :(

  5. I have a mint green one that we bought from K-Mart in 1975 Still use it to make mashes potatoes and whipping up eggs whites when I make homemade waffles.

  6. I'm looking for replacement beaters for mine, with no luck. I hate the Kitchenaid I bought. I was recently forced to retire my GE toaster oven, at 32 years old! I think I got my money's worth. I had a thought of burying it - throwing it in the trash just didn't seem fitting.