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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture Post, Spaghetti Squash & Pleather Pants!

I am by no means a professional photographer; or even an armature one. All pictures are taken with my trusty camera phone. I do wish I could take much better pictures of my food. The pictures never do the meals justice. One day I'll be able to afford a snazzy camera and take a class to learn how to use it!

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Heading here every year brings me back to the time when I was pregnant and OBSESSED with eating anything orange or squash related. I plowed through pumpkin after pumpkin. Luckily, I perfected the art of homemade pumpkin pie and all sorts of ways to prepare cold season squashes!

Look at all this plastic pumpkin carving crap!

Mommy & Daughter Pumpkins

I really need to buy stock in Target. I seriously love that store. Our Target is especially nice. Always clean, friendly people work there, and they have a Starbucks. Win. However, lately they've been chronically
under stocked on the things I need, but have all the useless things I don't need. Hmmmm. But they DO have a great sunset!

I had to buy myself a Dora the Explorer toothbrush that day.

Yet, these were a plenty! Because every 4 year old girl needs shiny faux pleather leggings.

I'm a sucker for produce. There are so many wonderful local sources in my area. I live super close to an orchard/farm, close to a huge pick-your-own farm, and within driving distance in VA are the Maple Ave Market & a Wegmans! I've fallen into the habit of buying the veggies without a plan. But I don't mind at all. I get a kick out of looking at my pile o' veg and coming up with a recipe that fits my mood.

Poblanos & cherry tomatoes grown in a coworker's garden. Turned into Chorizo w/ angel hair pasta in a red wine poblano sauce.

All veggies grown w/i 100 miles of my house (except the onion).
NC-17 zuccinni grown at a friend's house.
Turned into moroccan veggie curry.
So tasty; and healthy.

Hmmm, what to do w/ spaghetti squash, tomatoes & peppers?

Spaghetti squash spaghetti!


  1. I adore your pumpkin photos - impressive on a phone.
    And what I can see of your little girl is very cute!

  2. Those pumpkins look wonderful. Like big orange blobs. :-)