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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat + Computer = Happy

I now have to enjoy my cat's life through the eyes of my friend. After 4 great kitty bonding years, I could not take her with me to my post-separation home. I went back a few months later, and seeing how skinny, sad & mistreated Pumpkin was at the old home, I knew she deserved a better life. After begging on facebook, trips to rescue leagues, home visits, etc; Pumpkin finally found a place at my friend's house with her two kids, three dogs, and lots of yummy mice! After two days of hiding in the laundry room, she adjusted and caught her first mouse. She lovingly place the body on the pillow of my friend's daughter....while she slept. A little too Godfather for me, but we all show our appreciation in different ways!

I'm happy to report that Pumpkin is happy & plump once more. She's even back to sleeping on computers. I miss her, but I'm also happy for her :-)

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