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Monday, October 11, 2010

15 Ways to Get Out The Door in the Morning

Morning routine need a makeover? Always late because you have so much to do in the monring?
Someone smart said "An ounce of evening is worth a pound of morning." So true! I used to run around in the morning, trying to get everything ready. I had to pack lunches, make breakfast, get everyone showered & dressed, find all the missing objects (keys, shoes, homework...) I was going bananas before i even set foot in the office. It can still be a little hectic & rushed, but after some editing of my morning, everyone's a lot less stressed!

Here's some tips that helped me. Feel free to add any tips that help you!

Holiday cups? Already?

Pack lunches the night before. You might think this can be skipped because you fell you can make a lunch in 5 minutes before you leave. You'd be surprised how 5 minutes can turn into 15-20 when you're rushing around trying to bag lettuce and find ingredients. Just pack it and toss it in the fridge. Keep the non-perishable stuff on the counter beside the fridge so you don't forget to throw it in.

On especially early mornings, put little ones to bed in their clothes. This might not work with a high schooler, but for kids under 10, should be just fine.

Shoes by the door, everyday. We take our shoes off at the door anyway. We never have to wonder where they are, unless the cat stole one.

Keep nice shoes at the office, wear "everyday" shoes out the door. I have a collection of "office appropriate" shoes in a drawer at work. I can wear comfy flats out the door & after work to run errands, and slip on the purdy shoes when I clock in. Saves my knees & toes the extra effort too!

Keep a hairbrush & hair ties in the car. Brush during red lights (only if you can do it safely!), have your kid brush their own hair while you drive, brush before you get out of the car, etc.

Pre-bag baggies of cereal. You can do it while you pack lunch. So if you have to run out the door without time for a sit down breakfast, you'll be covered.

Do your make up at the office. You probably already touch-up once you get in; might as well combine both steps.

Shower the night before. Unless you're a sweaty sleeper, this will save you a lot of time in the morning. Getting hit with cold, after shower, air is a lot easier to take in the evening and not something most people look forward to when they wake up.

DON'T check facebook or emails. Unless you're expecting an important message (they should call you instead!) and there's something you can do about it before you reach the office. And why risk getting sucked into 20 minutes of checking your friends' overnight facebook status?

Make a To-Do list the night before. You won't have to pace around thinking of what is was you just HAD to do. You'll also be able to take a fresh look at your items and prioritize.

Keep all papers & kid's homework in one place. Your hall table or somewhere in the kitchen might be good places. If your kid has a backpack, make sure the homework makes it in there as soon as they're finished with it.

Do homework as soon as you get home. You don't want to get up 30-60 minutes early to help the kid with math. Fill out permission slips, too. Don't forget about YOUR homework!

Have two (or three!) alarm clocks. Snooze addict? 5 more minutes turned into 1 more hour? Try doubling up on the clocks, get a puzzle alarm, or one of those sunrise alarm clocks. If your current set up isn't working, try something new.

Coffee pot on a timer. Also serves as an alarm! You'll be more willing to get up & go once you smell some hot fresh joe. Keep your travel mug next to the maker so you can just pour & go. (also keep sweetener at work!)


  1. Great ideas.

    However I'm a morning person so I've actually pretty much done the opposite :)

    Things that work for me, is
    a) over a couple of weeks get the kids up earlier so there's not such a rush;
    b) DON'T let the kids watch TV until EVERYTHING is packed and ready;
    c) ensure that unforms / kids activity stuff is ALWAYS put in one spot - same concept as the shoes - so the "where's my tie?", "where's my shorts?", "where's my jumper?" can all be answered with the same answer;
    d) anything that needs to go back to school (like library books) is hung on the back of the front door handle the night before.

    I do use the multiple alarm clock options - as I'm trying to train myself to get up a bit earlier as well - so I've got time for brekky :)
    (mmm... not so much a comment as a post!)

  2. I'm the mom of two teens, so I'll share my many years of experience with you!

    I agree with not turning on the TV unless everybody's dressed and ready. (This also works as a little bit of a bribe).

    I also had a rule that all permission slips, paper needing signatures, requests for money, etc., better be presented to me the evening before, NOT as we were walking out the door in the morning!

    Also, I always did everything in the exact same order every single morning. It lessens the chances of forgetting something; also, I think it helps the kid to get into a routine.